How to Start a Multi-Seller Ecommerce Marketplace in 2019?

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Due to the high internet penetration all over the world, the ecommerce industry has emerged phenomenally across the globe, including multi-seller ecommerce. In the USA, retail ecommerce sales are expected to be $548 Million in 2019. An interesting fact here is that popular multi-seller ecommerce companies Amazon, Ebay have nearly captured the 60% of the US ecommerce market. Similarly, in other countries the market share of Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc. is very high. What is meant by Multivendor or Multi seller marketplaces? A multi-vendor marketplace is that where different sellers can sell their products by creating a unique store front. The vendors manage inventory, logistics, products additions, etc. things at their own end. The owner of the marketplace can earn commission on […]

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