How Grubhub Analyzed 4,000 Dishes to Predict Your Next Order

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Jonathan Kitchen/Getty Images.

All Matt Maloney of Grubhub wanted to know was whether Chicago-style deep dish pizza is better than New York-style thin crust. It’s a simple question. If he were anyone else, Maloney would have had to get violently anecdotal. Deep dish, while delicious, is obviously not so much a pizza as a casserole; conversely, if you want to put pizza toppings on a cracker, why not just order a flatbread? (Maloney is from Chicago, so you can guess which side he comes down on.) But no. Maloney felt like he should be able to literally answer the question. Because in addition to being deeply dishian, he’s also the CEO of Grubhub, the biggest online food-delivery service in the US.  […]

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