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Accountants need to ensure self-employed clients using gig economy software are aware of their tax and legal obligations as contractors, and understand what component of their income is taxable. Often the companies employing them aren’t fully aware of these requirements either. John Butler is one of Australia’s most successful independent artists. He co-founded his own record label and his blues roots group, the John Butler Trio, has released numerous award-winning albums and earned millions of fans worldwide. When US-born Butler sees his accountant, he doesn’t take a plush lift to the upper floors of a modern city high-rise. He makes his way to a northern Perth beachside suburb and finds the work entrance of Kylie Thompson’s home – the headquarters of Sorrento Strategic Accounting. Butler was one of Thompson’s first clients; he has been with her since he was busking in Fremantle. Twenty years on, Thompson is a financial specialist in the creative arts industry; about half of her clients use gig economy software or are part of the gig economy  […]

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